The Fantastic Taste Of Barefoot Sweet Red Wine

barefoot sweet red wine
barefoot sweet red wine


 When you first hear the phrase ‘barefoot sweet red wine’, what do you have in mind? Drinking sweet red wine while walking barefoot in the sand, and gazing at the vast ocean in front of you, or perhaps watching the sunset?

There have been speculations regarding the term mentioned above. Some say it is how the wine-drinkers (should) enjoy drinking the wine most thoroughly. Others claim that it was how the grapes were crushed in the past (which can possibly make some of you cringe, even just by imagining it.)

Perhaps we can refer to E&J Gallo brand, with their popular quote: “It was time for wine that didn’t take itself seriously.” How is that so? It is time that we enjoy this journey, while getting to know more sweet red wines like socializing and getting acquainted with the most laid-back people you soon would like to be – and perhaps stay – friends with, even after the party is over.

So, shall we meet the champions? Here are the lives of every party:

  1. Caubernet Sauvignon

Remember Yellow Tail Caubernet Sauvignon? Try Barefoot California Cab, and you will taste its similar lightness. It looks red-violet and smells like ripe red fruits, which is nice. Its cherry and chocolate flavors will go down well with a stew or a teriyaki dish.

This type of red wine is smooth and dry, with mild tannin’s and bright acidity. Never celebrate your late afternoon beach party without it, and you will go classy without abandoning simplicity.

  1. Shiraz

Still from California, Shiraz also consists of acidity, although a bit milder, and with sweet black cherry taste moderated with savoury black pepper and olive savoury notes.

If you choose grilled sausages or steak as your menu of the day, then Shiraz can be your best choice here.

  1. Other Barefoot Sweet Red Wines

Why do we keep several sweet red wines under the same list here? They have almost the same thing here, which is either a cherry or berry taste as well. You can also find all of them in California, USA.

So, what are they?

  • Merlot:

This wine is a perfect match to smoky, grilled meats. It has smoky, cherry scents.

  • Zinfandel:

Its smooth tannins and sweetness will remind you of strawberry jam and cola.

  • Pinot Noir:

With ice and slices or chunks of fruit, you can serve this juicy wine that has tart blackberry flavours.

  • Red Moscato:

Do you like something rather sweet and effervescent? Red Moscato is the wine for you, with spiked maraschino cherry brimming liquid. The best of all? It is topped with club soda. This type of wine also has a much cleaner taste, not too heavy for wine-drinking beginners.

  • Sweet Red:

Would you prefer something even lighter? Go for Sweet Red, which sweetness reminds you of Kool-aid fruit punch. (Note: do not leave it unattended in a place where underage children can reach and have a taste of their own.)

How come? It has a perfect mixture of raspberry, pomegranate, and cherry. It is also refreshing, whether you want to just drink it on your own, with friends, with or without any meals.

But then again, why do they call this ‘Sweet Red’? Well, this is the blended wine with Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Barbera, Grenache, and Petite Shirah, which makes it really ripe and jammy.

If you would like some meals with it, try grilled vegetables and marinated steaks. A barbeque party with friends and family would be perfect with a bottle of Sweet Red Blend.

  • Malbec:

Despite our willingness to be more laid-back with Barefoot Sweet Red Wine, of course, we would not mind something as plushy as a bottle of good Malbec.

With big juicy flavours of blackberry and currant of the right proportions, Malbec is the best companion to barbecued steak, pork, and pizza.

Do not forget that the currant taste is also set sail on vanilla, caramel, and toasted oak. What more do we need?

How much does Barefoot Sweet Red Wine cost?

According to various sources on the internet, the most affordable Barefoot Sweet Red Wine would cost only about $6, while most California Merlot costs about $10.

Barefoot Sweet Red Wine’s nutritional fact:

      Barefoot Sweet Red Wine consists of 120 calories and 3 grams of carbohydrates, with zero fat and zero protein.

So, have you finally made up your mind? There are plenty of Barefoot Sweet Red Wines here that you can choose for your summer parties and BBQ get-together s with your friends and family.

In fact, you have more alternatives of Barefoot Sweet Red Wines for several different summer parties every year, so you will definitely end up with the same, old boring choices. After all, we need to lighten it up with interesting varieties!

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