The Famous French Wine Regions

What is the famous French wine regions that you know before ? Still the same place in your mind or actually you never know. OK,never mind , because we will discuss all here. Let’s go on.

The following is a description of four cities with largest vineyards in France.

  1. Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the wine producer that has a long history as a port and trade area since the colonization of the Romans. A climatic characteristic is an important factor in producing a high quality red wine and high flavors.

Although Bordeaux is better known for its red wine, however this region also produces the best VIN doux and most expensive in the world. Bordeaux wine taste will be better if the age is getting older, among other things is produced in 1961, 1962, 1964, 1966 and 1967.

  1. Bourgogne

Bourgogne or better known Burgundy is one of the famous wine-producing regions in the world. Do you know that the price of Burgundy wine is quite expensive.

It because of the quality and good reputation and is not produced in significant amounts? In addition, it can be said that the burgundy wine has a simple taste and it’s usually drunk immediately after the vintage year.

The concept of terroir in France has been long applied that first proposed by a monk from the burgundy region , so that red wine and white wine made in Bourgogne artificial demand by the world.

  1. Alsace

Most wine produced in the Alsace wine is white wine. Semi-continental climate, more dry and sun exposure is enough to make wine produced in Alsace become a sweet wine.

Alsace wine is similar with Austrian and German wine, but the wine alcohol is higher and the sugar level is lower. Those are that make Alsace wine is different from any other wines.

  1. Champagne

Champagne is one of the wine producing regions in French where the climate is very cold. First after the harvest, the fermentation process cannot take place as a whole because the yeast in the wine will be suspended due to cold temperatures.

Then, when entering the spring, the yeast is alive again and continues the fermentation and produces the carbon dioxide, which appears in the form of froth. Initially, it makes the vigneron (vineyard owners and wine-maker) confuse, because this kind of incident has never happened in any other region in French.

Various efforts have been made to remove the froth until finally they chose to let the wine still bubbly. The wine that produced from this area was given the name champagne, according to the region name.

The method for making champagne called champanoise method. The quality of champagne that cannot be imitated, it’s formed due to natural conditions in the area. Therefore, this wine can only be produced from the champagne region.

French is one of the countries that are in mainland Europe that is rich in culture. One of the cultural heritages of ancient Roman relics that once occupied the Galia territory is the culture of drinking wine.

This culture has been consistently passed from generation to generation. This wine drinking culture has spawned a large and successful wine industry in France.

French is the second country with the largest vineyards in the world after Spain.The second largest wine producer in the world after Italy which produced around 7,5 billion bottles per year.

French really rich vineyards and wine industry thrives in this country. Almost in all regions of France, the wineries can be found, except in northern regions such as Brittany and Normandie.

Types Of Wine Produced In French Wine Region

In general, French produce several types of wine, including red wine, white wine, rose  wine(which is a blend of red wine and white wine) and sparkling wine.

French able to produce simple and high quality wines with international standard at competitive prices for all types of wine. The most famous grape varieties grown in French is a red wine like Merlot, Syrah, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and pinot noir.

While chardonnay, sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and most widely used for white wine.  All types of grape are native of French or became famous and developed in France.

Vinification process in French is an old tradition of Galia which until in modern times is still used. As in the process of making white wine those use a mixture of white and black grapes that the resulting color looks more transparent. Then precipitated and put into vats made of oak wood with a certain temperature.

Each French wine region has an each specific flavor of their wine production. For instance, Bordeaux is known for red wine and the most famous areas in the world because of the quality of the wine.

Bourgogne which produces red wine with sharp flavor and soft and the sensual white wine, the Alsace white wine scented cool and very typical because grape varieties used are derived from the area and cannot be found in other regions of France.

Champagne which is one of the best wine in the world because of its vinification techniques are very original.

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