best sweet red wine for beginners
best sweet red wine

Is this the first time you are drinking wine? Which one do you prefer? Red, white, or even both? If red wine is the answer, then here is what every wine-drinking beginner needs to know: there are many types of red wine that you can try, either sweet or sour.

If you prefer the sweet one, you might be happy to learn that there are six (6) best sweet red wine for beginners that you can try. After that, you can choose which one you like best… or perhaps you’ll end up with several nice alternatives to a sweet red wine you can taste.

So, what are the six (6) best sweet red wine for beginners that you can taste?

  1. Garnacha

Garnacha (or also known as Grenache) is originally from Spain. If you are into berry flavors and a slight acidity, this type of sweet wine is perfect for you.

With the alcohol under 15% in it, Garnacha is often filled with citrus flavor (whether it is grapefruit or orange). It is mostly grown in Spain and Southern France.

  1. California Zinfandel

How does alcohol affect flavors? California Zinfandel answers that for you.

Choose a Zinfandel with about 15% ABV and drink it with your friend instead of finishing it alone. After a sip or two, breathe it in and out. The tingling sensation of the alcohol will start forming in the back of your throat.

Since wines with high alcohol (+14%) tend to be rather ‘spicy’, you will taste either cinnamon or pepper on your tongue.

  1. South Australian Shiraz

After California, now it is time to head off to Australia, especially the south. It is time to try the full-bodied, sweet wine called ‘Shiraz’.

You can choose whether you want to have it light or thick (as in ‘inky’, as real Shiraz wines are.) There are two things you need to focus on while tasting this kind of sweet wine: profile and texture.

How is it in your mouth? Another thing to note down is that Shiraz is a bold wine heightened by glycerol and sometimes a touch or more residual sugar.

  1. Spanish Monastrell

It is time to return to Spain and get to know Monastrell, or also known as Mourvedre.

Compared to South Australian Shiraz, Monastrell is more of an old-world wine, which has rather more rustic notes.

What rustic notes? They include tar, roasted meats, and tobacco smoke.

One distinctive trait of Old World Wines and Spanish Monastrell is the earthly flavors they offer, especially to the sweet wine-drinking beginners.

Go to Yecla in Spain, and you will find great examples of this type of wine.

  1. California Petite Sirah

High-tannin content can be found in this type of sweet red wine. Why? Because the California Petite Sirah grapes are very small, with skins and seeds as the source of tannin and color.

Feel the tannin texture dry in your mouth after a taste. Beware, because it may also last on your tongue… and teeth.

Aside from California Petite Sirah, other similar types of sweet red wines include Nebbiolo and Tempranillo.

  1. Chilean Carmenere

Last stop: Chile, South America. This is the place where you can find – and of course, taste – the herbaceous wines. (By the way, herbaceous means green’.)

Have a sip or two first, and you will soon taste the subtle note of bell pepper besides the majorly plum and cherry flavor.

This mixture is also known as Pyrazine. Pyrazine is what gives both the red and white wines a touch of Herby-grassy quality.

Unfortunately, despite its pleasing taste, ‘green flavors in this type of wine are often associated with a poor vintage production of under-ripe grapes. Ouch!

Everyone has a different taste of wines, especially those who are looking for the best sweet red wine list for beginners.

In reality, these six (6) sweet red wines are only the tip of an iceberg.

There are actually more than 1300 types of wine grapes, so your wine-tasting adventure may not end in just this particularly small list.

In the US alone, the blending up of wines can be especially overwhelming – up to 25% of a different grape variety.

For example, Cabernet Sauvignon. If you are looking for that, you might possibly find about 25% of Merlot or other mixtures in it.

If that is the case, then why does this list of six (6) best sweet red wines for beginners exist? Well, they have been chosen because of three (3) reasons:

  • They have a bolder spectrum of flavors.
  • The fruits they contain are easy to find and identify.
  • They are reasonably affordable, as in costing you only less than $18.

So, are you ready for your wine-tasting adventure? This list of six (6) best sweet red wine for beginners can be very, very useful for you.


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