6 Best Tasting Red Wine For Beginners

Best Tasting Red Wine for beginners
Best Tasting Red Wines

Are you a beginner in taking red wines? Have you been thinking on where and how to start? Then here is the right and detailed information for you about the best tasting red wine for beginners.

Learning to taste wine can be compared to learning to appreciate art or music. The pleasure you get is proportional to the effort you make. The more you fine-tune your sensory abilities the better you will be able to understand and enjoy details and nuances expressed by great express wines.

It is highly important to figure out what you like as an important feature of wine tasting. Also giving a judgment about wine is not similar to understanding and evaluating it.

Sweet red wine , semi sweet red wine and dry red wine are a style that is often produced. If you are a beginner, you should try to taste the different types of red wine to find the perfect one’s.

If you properly taste, then you will be at a point of identifying the main scent and flavor component in every wine you try. This will give you the most basic characteristics for all important varietal grapes and also the blended wines from the world’s best wine producing regions.

There are six good, tasty and adorable red wines around the world which is commendable for beginners. They will make your escapade into wine successful .They include: Carmenere, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Garnacha and Monastrell.

1.Spanish Garnacha

Spanish Garnacha
Spanish Garnacha

Spanish Garnacha is a good red wine for beginners. You should try it first. This wine is also known as Grenache manufactured in Spain.

It is all about knowing how acidity tastes. It is associated with appealing flavors of berry and moderate and good acidity.

It can easily be picked out of the mouth watering acidity as it is mostly intertwined with citrus flavors such as orange or grapefruit.

Recent study shows that wines associated with high level of acidity have less tannic taste compared to those with low acidity.

Garnacha is incredibly an important wine grape from U.S .It is mostly grown in Southern France and Spain which is the main blending grapes in the cotes du Rhone wines.

2. South Australian Shiraz

South Australian Shiraz
South Australian Shiraz

It is also referred to as Syrah. Shiraz will really help you get to know the importance of a full -bodied wine. A few producers from Australia have moved a step ahead approaching a light design.

Though if you come across a real inky Shira’ , let say Barossa or McLaren Vale, you will realize how boldly savored a wine can be. This is the best red wine for beginner

A lot being done on grapes and wine-making in order to come up with the best wine. This kind of bold will include heightened glycerol and a touch of the sugar residual.

Australia is among the few areas consistently producing super-charged single wine variety. When you taste wine, focus on the texture and profile felt in your mouth.

If you are beginners, it is good red wine you must try.

3. California Zinfandel

California Zinfandel
California Zinfandel

Zinfandel plays a great role in enabling you to understand the implications of alcohol flavor. Make sure you choose a Zinfandel that contains close to 15% of ABV for this work – and request a buddy to help you drink it. Once you feel the taste of wine, give out a sigh and you will experience prickle of alcohol as it moves down on your throat.

High alcohol wines containing (14 %+) ABV often have spice taste element and in case of Zinfandel, it is associated with Pepper and cinnamon. Alcohol does not only add a prickling sensation but also adds the body perception.

A test conducted at Bordeaux University revealed that higher level of alcohol in wines lowers the realization of tannin taste, though not after taste. Thus, you might not notice this taste next time you taste Zinfandel.

So, if you are looking for best tasting red wine, I think you must drink it first. No doubt, you mouth will say ” wow” it’s Best Best Best red wine taste.

4. Spanish Monastrell

Spanish Monastrell
Spanish Monastrell

This wine is also referred to as Mourvedre. It will help you comprehend Old World Wines, mostly when contrasted with Mourvedre. This is a variety found in Spain, though it is fairly known around the state.

It is made using deep dark full bodied wine with rustic notes including roasted meats, tar, and smoke from tobacco. The earthly flavors include the hallmark of Old-World wine.

Spanish Monastell assures you the best values because of exuberant insolent red wines. The best examples can be extracted from Yecla in Spain. This is affordable red wine for beginner.

5. California Petite Sirah

California Petite Sirah
California Petite Sirah

Petite will enable you have good understanding of what tannin. Grapes from Petite Sirah are small, due to this; there are more seeds and skins source of color and tannin. As a result, Petite is inclined with high tannin.

After tasting, you will notice its tannin texture will make your mouth dry out and sit on your tongue. If this is what you really like, you will get attracted without your consent to other good high level wine from tannin wines for example Tempranillo and Nebbiolo.

6. Chilean Carmenere

Chilean Carmenere
Chilean Carmenere

Carmenere will help you to understand green or herbaceous wines. In regardless of how plum and cherry flavored a carmenera wine taste; there will always be taste of pepper bell in the mixture. This sweet fragrance compound is also referred to as Pyrazine.

It is also the origin of the herbaceous quality of several white and red wines including Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenera. Despite the pleasing taste in the wines mentioned before, herbaceous flavors can also be related to the under ripe grapes.

With the above detailed red wines, a beginner is assured of the take in order to approach wine drinks. I would recommend  to move on and enjoy the best taste from the above types of red wines for beginners.

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