Tips to Choosing Wine For Beginners

There are so many wine for beginners that can choose from red to white wine that match to food. But, for you beginner on the world of wine, you may be confused to choose the right wine when you are invited to a party or dinner at a restaurant serving wine on its menu.

Some of us maybe not familiar with wine types out there. To make it easy, you could just order wine the same as your other friends or have them choose.

What happens if you friends also not understand about wine? then there is a possibility of wine you received does not match the food you ordered, this is the first point. The taste of wine you do not like this is the second point, it is really disappointing, isn’t it?

Well, for you who just want to try wines in the concept of fine dining restaurant or just want try at home, here are some tips that may help you.

choosing wine for beginners
wine for beginners

 Wine For Beginners Should Try

Choosing wine for beginners is the crucial thing. So, the first step is we must know what kind of wine to try;

  1. Try a sweet wine. Wine light [new] highly recommended, do not try concentrated {old} especially red wine production age has long [vintage wine].
  2. Try tropical wine like a Muscat [white wine] because it tastes sweeter. The fruit flavors that tasted slightly sour and aroma are strong but will be lost when drunk. It is suitable for you lovers of Asian cuisine. If you choose western food the suitable wine is Pinot grigio.
  3. If the red wine you want to try, choose a Pinot noir wine type of Dolcetto because it tastes slightly sweet. Or maybe a combination of pinot noir and Shiraz wine. For Beginner sweet red wine is the best.

This is a wine that is always recommended to the beginner wine lovers.

Choosing a wine for food Pairings

When dinner, drinking wine is very pleasant, but when the wine ordered are not in accordance with the food served,  It will be bad experience for us , isn’t it?

To avoid this kind of thing, it is actually very easy; you can asks the wine expert in the restaurant, they would be happy to assist customers. But, how if you want try at home?

There is a very popular formula  for food pairing which is often used by connoisseurs of wine that you can use even if you are a beginner is “white goes with white and red goes with red”. The purpose of this sentence is a white wine should be combined with white meat. While red wine is good combination with red meat.

The easiest example is the white wines types such as Semillon, Moscato, and Chardonnay matched with foods such as shrimp, fish and turkey.For red wines types such as Merlot or Shiraz is suitable for beef steak.

This is just some tips to choosing wine for beginners and matched food that very easy to follow.

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