7 Best Italian Sparkling Wines

best Italian sparkling wine
Italian sparkling wines

A lot of truth about Italian sparkling wines is often compromised by swirling falsehoods about their different types, tastes and origin. History reminds us that Italian wineries of sparkling wines have been active since the Roman times. One unique truth about these special wines is that they are made using a special method called Charmat.

The main distinguishing aspect about the Charmat method is that the second fermentation takes place in a tank and not bottles. Ordinary wines have their second fermentation done in bottles. After this method, the wine is bottled young in order to get its distinct taste that makes it truly exceptional. 

Italian sparkling wines, also known as “spumante” or “frizzante,” are popular worldwide for their vibrant bubbles and refreshing taste. Here are some of the best Italian sparkling wines, each with its own unique characteristics:


There is no doubt that Franciacorta remains one of the best and widely consumed Italian sparkling wine. This wine is widely known for its subtle taste and small plentiful bubbles. It derives its name from its place of production, which is within Lombardy Lake District. Franciacorta is made from different types of grapes including Pinot Bianco, Pinot Nero and Chardonnay.

Another unique aspect about this wine is that it is made by the Champagne method, which entails the crafting of sparkling wines. The Italian laws of wine-making requires that Franciacorta be aged for at least 18 months. In the case of vintage Franciacorta, the law requires that it must be aged for 30 months. This dry wine is usually consumed with seafood, risottos, or white meat.


Asti is another great Italian sparkling wine that is made from Moscato grapes. This wine is loved for its light and slightly off-dry taste, which some people find to be slightly peachy. Asti’s balanced sweetness is associated with its high acidity, which many connoisseurs find exceptionally pleasant. Asti is one of the most popular non-vintage sparkling wine in Italy and elsewhere.

This wine gets its name from the lovely Italian town of Asti, which is located in the beautiful hills of Piedmont in the northern parts of the country. Asti is greatest when you consume it between the first and third year of its bottling. It is highly recommended for consumption before dinner. Asti is on of the most favorite Italian sparkling white wines.


Prosecco is widely considered as one of the best sparkling wines for summertime relaxation. It is a lovely Italian white wine with a refreshing appeal and a distant hint of almonds, melons, and pears. This wine derives its name from the Prosecco grape. Experts recommend that Prosecco should be paired with a plate of pasta, calamari, or green salad.

Naturally, this wine is slightly sweet, but some variants have a dry and crisp taste. You can tell a dry Prosecco by the word, “brut,” which appears on the wine label. Harry’s Bar in Venice used this wine to make a special cocktail known as Bellini. The cocktail also includes peach juice. Prosecco is easily one of the best sparkling wine from Italy.


This tasty wine gets its name from the Brachetto grapes, which are used to make it. Brachettos is easily recognized by its ruby-red sparkling color, which attests to the high level of expertise that goes into its making. The sparkling wine has a festive and light appeal that makes it ideal for ceremonies and relaxation.

Brachetto is particularly pleasant to the taste buds because of its special hint of cherry and strawberry. Pairing this sparkling wine with a light dessert is always a good idea. Some people may prefer to pair it with some fruit and cheese. Italian sparkling red wines and red wines have a strong sense of prestige despite the fact that they are generally affordable.


One of the striking differences between Moscato d’ Asti and the other Asti sparkling wine is that the former has fewer bubbles than the latter. It has a rich coloration that confirms its maturity and great taste. This wine sparkles lightly and has a lovely fizzy appearance that signifies its high quality. Moscato d’ Asti is ideal for people with a penchant for low-level alcohol content.

In fact, the alcohol content does not exceed seven percent. You may choose to drink this wine with some crisp garden salad, or you could pair it with biscotti. Some people prefer to drink it with traditional Italian wafer. This sparkling wine is ideal for ceremonies or special occasions such as wedding anniversaries.


Trentodoc is a sparkling wine produced in Trentino, a mountainous region in northern Italy. Crafted using the traditional method, it undergoes a long aging process, resulting in a refined and complex wine. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes are commonly used, contributing to flavors of citrus, apple, and toast. Trentodoc is an excellent choice for special occasions and pairs well with seafood, poultry, and creamy dishes.


Lambrusco comes from the Emilia-Romagna region and is unique among Italian sparkling wines. It is made primarily from the Lambrusco grape variety and is available in both dry and sweet styles. Lambrusco offers lively bubbles and flavors of ripe berries, black cherry, and violet. It pairs well with cured meats, cheeses, and pizza, making it a versatile choice for casual gatherings.

These Italian sparkling wines offer a range of styles and flavors, catering to different preferences and occasions. Whether you prefer dry, sweet, light, or complex sparkling wines, Italy has a sparkling option to suit your taste.

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