4 Reasons Why to Drink Moscato White Wine Today

Wine is definitely one of the best human inventions ever. There are so many tastes, so many varieties, and each and every one of them just spells perfection. No matter what you want to do, there is always a wine for every occasion. And if you feel like drinking something light, sweet yet still possess wine’s signature taste, you really should give Moscato white wine a try.

Moscato is a popular wine which is famous for its sweet taste and aroma. Moscato has sparkling white color with slightly bubbly texture. This wine is made of Muscat grape which grows everywhere from Italy to California. Since Muscat grape is found in a lot of place around the world, Muscato wine has several varieties. The three most major styles are Moscato d’Asti, Dessert Moscato and Still Muscato.

Moscato d’Asti is the most popular style and it is mostly produced in Italy. Dessert Moscato is a common product in France and its texture is thicker than Moscato d’Asti. Meanwhile, Still Moscato is made of a Muscat grape called Muscatel and it has higher level of alcohol. Muscato wine is certainly an interesting wine with intriguing taste, and if you haven’t tried it, you really should now.

Here are some reasons why Moscato wine can be your best company today.

Sweet and Refreshing Taste

Most wines have lingering bitter taste. Even though that taste is heavenly, it can be very intimidating for beginners or people who rarely drink wine. But Moscato white wine is different because this wine is sweet and refreshing. Of course it is not syrupy sweetness, it is a wine anyway, not a grape juice.

The signature bitter taste of wine is still evident, but it is not overwhelming. The slightly effervescent taste will also be an appeal for everyone.
The sweetness is one of a kind because we can taste some trace of apricot, orange and even strawberry with medium acidity in the wine.

Drinking this wine will be a very enjoyable experience, thanks to the sweet aroma of honeysuckle, rose and even caramel. The fruity taste and aroma will depend on what brand you drink.

It Has Lower Alcohol Content

Drinking wine doesn’t always mean we want to get drunk. Sometimes, we just want to relax or we just need something to accompany our meal. If you want to make sure that you will stay sober after drinking, Moscato sweet white wine is your best choice.

Most wines have 10% to 14% alcohol level.On the contrary, Moscato white wine mostly only contains 5% to 7% alcohol level which is a safe choice if you need to drive back home. But please remember that some Moscato wines, such as Still Moscato, have pretty high alcohol level. This type of Moscato wine contains around 11% to 12% alcohol level.

Moscato Wine and Spicy Food Is A Match Made in Heaven

Let’s admit it, every once in a while we want to eat spicy Szechuan or Thai food, but it is just difficult to handle the spiciness. The next time you want to eat spicy food, don’t forget to prepare a bottle of Moscato white wine. Moscato’s sweetness can help overcoming the spiciness. Moreover, Moscato’s aroma and it’s sweet taste will also help bringing the best taste of the spices.

Perfect for Desserts

Moscato white wine is not only perfect for spicy food. It can also be a great company when you are eating desserts. The sweetness of the Muscat grape is in the right level so it won’t overlap with the sweetness of the desserts. Whether it’s a raspberry tart or vanilla semifreddo, Moscato wine will make a great pair for those mouthwatering sweet treats.

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