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What do you first have in mind when you hear Serena Sweet Red Wine? Sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Before we carry on about the wine, let’s start with the name ‘Serena’ first.

Serena is clearly derived from the word ‘serene’ or a Latin word ‘serenus’, which means ‘clear, tranquil’. Not only borne by an obscure early saint, but the name Serena was also used by a poet named Edmund Spenser for his poem entitled “The Faerie Queenie” in 1590.

Many would name their daughter Serena (or ‘Serene’), in hopes that she will grow up to be a really sweet woman who knows how to comfort other people around her, so it is not a surprise that any drinks might end up using this name.

serena sweet red wine
serena sweet red wine

Now, it is the name of a sweet red wine beside Walter.

Serena Sweet Red Wine brands is made in the Piedmont region of Italy. Aromatic and slightly fizzy like soda drinks, the Italians also call this frizzante. The vines include Moscato, Brachetto, and Freisa. The soil uses Guyot System, which yields about 90 – 100 q/ha. The grapes are picked once they have matured enough around the first week of September.

How much is the alcohol content? It is around 5 – 7° by volume.

The vinification process of Serena sweet red wine starts from hand-picking the ripe grapes in September, before putting them in small baskets. After that, the grapes are destemmed and squeezed.Their skins are later macerated for about 1 – 3 days before they are being pressed.

Then it is the time that the must be filtered and put in the refrigerator at 0° C. Keep it stored there until fermentation. After a few months or so and based on the market’s request, that is when the production is started.

It is time to transfer the must to steel autoclaves with temperature control. It is warmed back to 20° C. Why? Because it is for another fermentation, this time with selected yeasts added to turn the sugars into alcohol.

Once the fermentation process has reached about 5 – 7°/o alcohol, it has to be stopped by the refrigeration process at 3° C. This method will preserve the balance between acidity, sugars, and alcohol.

Through a sterol micro-filtration, the remaining yeast is removed. That is when the pure wine is ready for bottling.

What about its tasting notes? Well, Serena is well-known to be a versatile wine, along with aromas of rose and a dash or more of rhubarb-strawberry pie. It sounds delicious, doesn’t it?.

It has raspberry and cherry flavors with a rich mid-palate and complex but lingering finish. That is right, we are talking about the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

You can serve that at 6 – 8° C in a round glass. Desserts like fruits are also good to have it with.

Another good news about Serena sweet red wine is that it is affordable – only $9.99 per bottle. A bottle of Serena is 750 ml.

Can we also cook with Serena Sweet Red Wine?

            Of course. Why not? Red wines have also been familiar as part of food ingredients in cooking. Recipes that use Serena Sweet Red Wine includes:

  • Crock pot sweet and sour
  • Sweet and sour meatballs
  • Greek quinoa salad
  • Mediterranean pasta salad
  • Creamy avocado bacon pasta
  • Light sweet and sour chicken
  • Italian tortellini pasta salad
  • Italian antipasto pasta salad with basil vinaigrette
  • Chicken pasta salad with basil vinaigrette

Not only that, according to Daily Mail, drinking sweet red wines like Serena can also help you to beat the colds. How come? According to the latest research, people who had drunk more than 14 glasses of wine a week had a 40 percent lower risk of getting any type of cold.

This result has been documented by the latest American Journal of Epidemiology. Not only that, but the research has proven that red wine is also much better and healthier than white wine in this case.

The research was conducted in five Spanish universities, where more than 4,000 faculty members and administrative staff were asked to complete questionnaires about their drinking and smoking habits, plus their other lifestyle-related activities for more than a year.

Not only that, they needed to write journals about whether they’d get the colds or not for a year.

However, this only works for red wine, since wine contains a high level of antioxidants called flavonoids. Still based on the study, some flavonoids work wonders to cure the colds.

There have not been any findings whether other alcoholic drinks like a beer can have the same effect on human body. Serena is another sweet red wine types from Italy that should you try .

So, where can we get a bottle or two of Serena sweet red wine?

Just like any other wines – red or white – you can always go to, and if you want buy online.

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