Top 11 French Wines That So Popular

French Wines
French Wines

French wines are some of the best wines in planet earth that Any person that loves wine will tell you. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne and much more are some of the greatest wines that you will find in France.

Many wines that first rose to prominence in France are now sold all over the world. Several countries across the world are now employing France’s wine making techniques to produce quality wines. It the reason why French wine very famous in the world.

List of the Best French wines should try:

1. Château Rayas

Château Rayas wines are hard to find and if finances allow it’s highly recommended that you get one whenever you see it. If you get the pleasure of tasting this wine you will agree that it’s among the best French wine that you will ever taste.

Château Rayas is 100 percent Grenache. There is just nothing on this planet like Château Rayas.

2. Château-Grillet

Château-Grillet is known to produce just one type of wine from Viognier-grape with notes of apricot and honey. This wine is produced in small scale, so it’s not easy to see or find it in your local wine stores.

3. Domaine Leroy Musigny

If you love white wines then you will agree that Coche-Dury wines are the best in the industry. On the other hand, if you are a fan of red wines Domaine Leroy wine is your best option.

Domaine Leroy is one of those wines that are exceptionally rare to come across, if you happen to come across one you better take some pictures to show your friends and loved ones.

4. Château Lagrange

This brand is among the most popular wines in Bordeaux, France. It is also said to be expensive and best French wines on the planet. Château Lagrange wine is very exotic, classic, and traditional. This wine is available all over the world.

5. Palette Rouge

This wine is highly recommended when you are celebrating your achievements with your friends. It’s a blend of Grenache and Mourvedre and one of the most exceptional French wines, with deeply nuanced fruit, and spice tastes unlike anything else you have ever tasted on this earth.

6. Château Gruaud-Larose

Château Gruaud-Larose is also among the most costly and best French wines on the planet. This type of wine is also found in Bordeaux area in France wine region. The brand is well known for its traditional white and red wines which are of extremely high quality, taste, and smell.

7. Coche-Dury Corton-Charlemagne

Let’s just say that any wine by Coche-Dury is exceptional. All the wines produced by Coche-Dury have something in common; they are all pure and have a taste that you cannot find in any other wine.

The taste and purity that comes with Corton-Charlemagne is something is becoming rare to find these days. The wine is highly recommended for a special life changing event, for instance, after the discovery of oil in your land.

8. Château Léoville-Las Cases

If you are looking for a wine that you won’t get enough of it, try the Château Léoville-Las Cases. It is among the top French red wines and to get a taste of this wine you will have to travel to Bordeaux region of France.

9. Domaine Tempier

This brand of French red wine is best served in wedding occasions or presented as a wedding gift. This type of wine is also well-known for its structure and longevity. It said that the brand has been in existence since the days of Louis XV.

The winery was later given to a hopeful winemaker as a gift during his wedding. This is the person responsible for the transformation of this wine to what it is today.

10. Pétrus

Pétrus is among the best French wines that should try. Pétrus is situated in Pomerol appellation, France. The brand is known for producing the best red wines on the planet. Pétrus has a classic taste and is ideal for almost any occasion.

11. Jacques Selosse Substance

It is true that there are many great Champagnes on the market, however, none of them can be compared to Jacques Selosse Substance. Jacques Selosse is a wine of its own class. The wine is made from a combination of young and aged wine.

There are many great wines on the market today but none can be compared to the ones listed above. The wines mentioned above are some of the best French wines that you can find on the market today and they are worth trying.

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