The Reasons Why We Love Types Of Spanish Red Wine

Spanish red wine
Spanish Red Wine

Are you an avid lover of wine? If yes, then perhaps you are aware of several brands and types of amazing Spanish red wine. There are Different types of red wine including sweet and dry and other related Spanish wine stuff does not only rejuvenate your brains but can also be used to prepare various delicious desserts.

There are several reasons why people love different types of Spanish red wine. Here are a few:

  • Diversity: Spain produces a wide variety of red wines, each with unique characteristics and flavor profiles. This diversity allows wine lovers to explore different styles and flavors and find a wine that suits their taste preferences.
  • Quality: Red wines in Spanish are known for their high quality and craftsmanship. Many wineries in Spain use traditional winemaking techniques that have been passed down through generations, resulting in wines that are rich in flavor and complexity.
  • Value: Spanish red wines often offer great value for the price. Many Spanish wines are priced affordably, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.
  • Food pairing: Spanish red wines are often paired with traditional Spanish cuisines, such as tapas, paella, and chorizo. The rich flavors and complexity of Spanish red wines complement the bold flavors of these dishes, making for a perfect pairing.
  • Terroir: Spain’s diverse terroir contributes to Spanish red wines’ unique flavor profiles. From the mountains of Rioja to the coastal regions of Catalonia, each wine reflects the specific characteristics of the region in which it was produced.

The Popular Types Of Spanish Red Wine

However, before you embark on preparing your favorite wine dessert, it is always prudent to note that not all types of wine can complement perfectly to form a perfect match of finger licking dessert.

The following are some of the highly preferred Spanish red wine for preparing a delicious dessert. They include but not limited to the following:


granacha spanish red wine

Garnacha is an exquisitely unique sweet Spanish red wine type prepared from various grapefruit, strawberry, hibiscus, and black tea. This type of wine is also referred to as Grenache.

It is highly used is various parts of Spain and areas bordering France. It is available at relatively affordable pricing as low as $12.

Its taste is just awesome and often used to prepare a wonderfully tasting Dessert of red fruit flavored Sangria. This juicy and fresh style of Garnacha tastes like smooth iced tea.

There are two brands of Garnacha namely Fine Garnacha and Young Garnacha. The only distinctive difference between these two brands are only the ingredients and overall taste. It is simply an awesome wine for delicious candied Sangria for your guests and family needs.


bobal spanish red wine

Bobal is also another type of Spanish red wine that is commonly produced and consume in various parts of Spain and more so in central Spain.

This exclusive brand of dried wine is prepared from black cherry, cocoa powder as well as dried green herbs. It costs as low as $15 up to $18 in Spain.

It is also used to prepare sumptuous desserts but the downside of this unique wine is that it does not contain ample tannins and was once reported to contain high levels of resveratrol.

This means that it is always prudent to integrate meat when planning to prepare your wine dessert. Bobal is always identified by its remarkable fruit flavors and deep opaque purple color.


mencia spanish red wine

This is a type of dry Spanish red wine that is mostly blended with other local grapes to produce a fine tasting dessert.

Mencia is highly predominant is several regions such as Bierzo, Sacra among other regions of Spain and Portugal.

It is characterized by layers of red fruit, moderate mouth-drying tannins and floral aromas. Its ingredients include crushed gravel and granite, pomegranate and black licorice.

It is always found in various vineyards at the cost averaging from $20 to $30 thus making it an affordable Spanish dry red wine.


tempranillo spanish red wine

Tempranillo is an amazing wine that is commonly used in preparation of delicious desserts and cocktails. It is simply a Spanish varietal with notes of cola, blackberries and black cherries.

Most Tempranillo wine consists of heavily oaked flavor’s but some brands are awesome for preparing summer Sangria because they are relatively lighter. This wine can be modified to form a blend of tasty and austere intensity of delicious and yummy cocktail.

There are two types of Tempranillo wine namely Aged Tempranillo and Young Tempranillo. However, the beautiful side of it is that they have virtually the same taste.

The price of Tempranillo varies in different vineyards in Spain but the cost should not exceed $30.This brand of tasty wine is common in various regions such as Rioja Crianza, Ribera Del Duero Roble and Castilla-Leon.

It is an ideal wine for traditional Sangria. It is fleshy and tart thus making it the best dry Spanish red wine for a cocktail.

How to shop for the best Spanish red wine

Shopping for an ideal types of Spanish red wine can be very hectic and daunting, considering that there are so many scrupulous wine suppliers who are at large to supply you with pirated Spanish red wine.

This means that in order to find the best wine for for beginners to make a delicious cocktail, it is wine to shop from reputed vineyards or even consider going online for world class suppliers with god safety reputation and a strong portfolio for supplying Spanish red wine.

Besides, it is even wiser to know the average cost of the brand of Spanish wine that you want to go for. Consider going for the above types of Spanish red wine for the best cocktails ever!

Overall, people love Spanish red wines for their diversity, quality, value, food pairing, and terroir. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or a casual drinker, there’s a Spanish red wine out there for everyone to enjoy.

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