8 Best Types Of White Wine In This Year

The most popular and best types of white wine are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Moscato and Pinot Grigio. Some other best white wine types including in this category are Riesling, Semillon, Gewürztraminer and Viognier.

Although white wine not come from really white grape, it can be green or gold (yellowish) color but the name of white wine was be branded by wine producer and accepted by public.

List Of Major Types Of White Wine Varietals


Chardonnay wine is the very popular and finest types of white wine. Sparkling wine and Champagne mostly using this grape type in manufacturing. Chardonnay came from USA (California, Washington, Oregon, and New York), France, Italy, South Africa, Argentina, Chili and Moldavia.

Chardonnay is dry white wine and wider bodied style. White meat like chicken, fish is the best pairing food and it’s a party wine, says wine connoisseur. The taste like lemon, pineapple or oak and high in acidity. The price depending type and style.It around 10-50 dollar and selected one can more than $100.

 Pinot grigio

It is types of white wine that come from Pinot Noir family mutation (Pinot Gris grape). Pinot Grigio planted in Northern Italy, Spain, California, Germany and France.Its a dry wine type and has many styles from light, smooth and full bodied. The taste like pear fruits. It can pair with any type of food.

According wine connoisseur, Pinot Grigio is very complex wine, where the taste will different for each region which the grapes grow, So it better to pairing with local food. The latest price for low type around $7-$15, and the best one can more than $100 for 750ml.


This is a types of white wine that come from Muscat grape family where the taste more sweet. Its wine types are good if pairing with dessert. Moscato is full bodied style with high in acidity. Others style are smooth and creamy where the taste like peach, pear or citrus.

Moscato comes from vineyards that have friendly climate like Austria, Italy,New Zealand, Australia and France.The cheapest price around $10 for 750ML.

 Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc Is another types of white wine that have a little differences with other wine.Mostly,In produce good taste, it must blend with other white wine.Wine making normally added Semillon grape to produce some excellent taste for Sauvignon Blanc.

Its grape types came from country like new Zealand, French ,Australia and USA. Sauvignon Blanc is a dry white wine with high in acidity.The taste like herbs, gooseberry and asparagus. Its good pairing food with seafood or salad.The price more than $10 for 750ML


Semillon is a dry and sweet wine type.The taste like nuts, honey or orange peel with medium acidity.The best pairing food are pasta salad and mussels. It is good for anniversary party, wine connoisseurs says.

Semillon come from country like France, chile, Argentina and Australia. The price for this types of white wine is more than $7 for 750ml.


Gewürztraminer is types of white wine that come from Germany,France and USA.Its a middle sweet wine with low in acidity. the taste like peaches, lychees and spice.

The good pairing food are grilled sausages and pork.The wine connoisseur says it good consume before a meal.The price very variable, for the low grade can below $10 for 750ML.


The best Riesling came from Germany. other country like France, Italy, Australia, new Zealand and USA also produce Riesling.The taste like peach, apple and citrus.This is a light bodied style with low to very high in acidity.

Its a good pairing food with fish, chicken or Japanese foods. Riesling is good for dinner, according to wine lover.This types of white wine can cost more than $10 for 750ML.


Viognier come from France and USA(California and Oregon district). Its a rare types of white wine. The taste like apricot with low in acidity. Viognier is light bodied style.

The best food pairings are shellfish and spicy cuisine.Wine connoisseur says,it a superior wine that good enjoyed before dinner.The price for this white wine types more than $20 for 750ml.


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