How Expert Can Teach You About Fairing Types of White Wines With Food

There are so many types of white wines in the market that we can choose from the cheap to expensive ones. The taste can be variable depend how the make and where the source the grape came from.

To make the wine taste more good if combined with foods we need learn from wine expert. Its more easy than try alone at home without good knowledge.

The information about food pairing for white wines is mostly needed. There are some types of white wines we can describe here:
1.             Gewurztraminer.

This is type white wines with very aromatic variety. It can be paired with foods like Asian food, pork, and grilled foods. Gewurztraminer has flavour of fruit with aromas from petals, peaches, roses, allspice and lychee. However, it is not as refreshing as other type of white wines.

2.             Sauvignon Blanc.

This type of wine is good to pair with foods like poultry, seafood, and salads. Sauvignon blanc is originally from France. It is grown in Bordeoux region where the wine is blended with semillon.

However, New Zealand and Australia grow sauvgnon blanc in great varietal.But, the Australians do in warmer farms which is lack of quality and fruit numbers. The unique taste of sauvgnon blanc makes it has black pepper and fresh mown grass.

Most of sauvignon blanc have taste of dominant sour green fruits and apples, gooseberries, and pears that widen the flavours to melon, blackcurrants, and mango, as tropical fruits. The productions of sauvignon blanc in many areas has shown that the best place to grow the grapes is in cool areas.

3.             Moscato.

This type of white wine is perfect to pair with some kind of foods like deserts because of its sweetness. It grows in areas with wine friendly climate. It is good to grow in Austria, Italy, and Rhone Valley.

Moscato taste sweet with many flavours as its characteristic as sweet white wine. Many people can recognize its taste if they have tasted muscat grapes as table grapes.

types of white wines
white wine and foods

4.             Chardonnay.

This type of wine is very popular during the period of 90’s. It is produced in sparkling and still. Chardonnay is perfect to pair with any kind of fish and poultry. Chardonnay is famous for its principle white wine of Burgundy, because it is originally from France in the region of Bourgogne.

Chardonnay has been good to plant under many climates. It has voluptuous taste variety. Chardonnay has wider body compared to other wines, and it has the flavours of citrus of lemon and grapefruit.

5.             Semillon.

Semillon is originally from France in the region of Bordeoux. Besides France, it is also grown in Australia, USA, Argentina, and Chile. It is famous also as Hunter, chevrier, columbier, malaga, and blanc doux. Semillon is good to pair with fish gourmet.

Other seafood and salads can match with it too. Semillon has a taste of fig-like character and mostly are blended with sauvignon blanc to get berry taste.

6.             Pinot grigio.

It has versatile food pairing. This type of wine has been planted in Italy at the region of Venezia. However, it is also found in America and Germany with different popular names.

In Italy and Germany, Pinot grigio has acid taste. But in America, it has aromatic and fruit flavor. The fragrance of Alsation Pinot grig makes it good to drink while eating Thai or Chinese foods.

7.             Riesling.

This white wine is good to eat fish, poultry, and pork. The crisp sense is matching to eat salmon or tuna with wider variety of food in Japanese food. Riesling is from Germany, it is a classic grape grown along Rhine and Mosel. It has sweet taste with a little acidity as the balance.

Other wines produced in America has more flavor which is mostly aromatic and not so sweet. However, this type of wine is lighter than other wines like Chardonnay. Some aromas like apples is usually found. The production of Riesling influence to its taste so it depends on the location of grape planted.

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