Types Of Wine Glasses And Their Use

types of wine glasses
types of wine glasses

There are so many types of wine glasses that sell on the market. Some of these glasses are cheap and some of them very expensive, I think. But, why people should serve wine in different types of glasses, and what it uses for? There is something hidden secret or just styles. Let’s know it.

Wine glass is one of the evidence of the beauty of elegant flavors, especially as a means of serving wine. Suitable glasses can indicate whether you as people understand about wine and can show which extent you appreciate a glass of wine.

A good wine is differentiated from the taste, the smell, and physical appearance of wine while it plays in the glasses. These factors can certainly be supported along with the selection of the appropriate glasses. Even there are so many special wine will be able to show their best display when presented in a suitable glass.

Wine glasses have three basic components: as the main means of supporting the glass state, and maintain the upright position, the stems as the place you to hold glasses and the body of glass are the area that accommodates all flavors that served.

All wine glasses are designed in order to enjoy the wine in the appropriate way, even the design is not made carelessly, for it all wine glasses are made conical down. Glasses of wine indeed are made specifically because of drinking wine is very much different from the usual drink that we consume.

In general, there are four types of wine glasses are often used, although in the special case, this rule can be a little change.

1. The red wine glasses

types of red wine glasses
red wine glass

The shape of red wine glass is more rounded when compared to other wine glasses. Stalk glass is also smaller because a lot of people tend to hold the glass body while enjoying this drink.

Red wine is not quickly affected by body temperature. The body section of the glass is also made wider in order the more wine in contact with the air, and make it emit the brave of the aroma and taste.

The complex favor of red wine becomes softer when contact with air. The red wine glasses divide into two classes:

  1.  Bordeaux glass
    The tall glass with a wide body is designed for red win which has a strong taste, like Cabernet and Merlot. The glass is made high, so the wine drinker will accept the wine in the back of the mouth that will receive and feel the strong types of red wine fully.
  2.  Burgundy glass
    This glass is made even wider than the Bordeaux glass, this aims to collect the aroma and taste of a soft red wine such as Pinot Noir. The shape of glass will flow the wine to the tip of the drinker tongue, so that the sweetness of this wine can be felt continuously.

2. The white wine glasses

types of white wine glasses
white wine glass

Glass is made sleek with a long stem. The wine body shape resembles the letter U, so that the aroma can be channeled appropriately and the wine will stay cold for a long time.

Slender shape makes people hold the glass stem, so that white wine is very sensitive to temperature and will not be bothered by the drinker’s temperature.

The shape of the lip white wine glasses will transmit the wine to the side and front of the mouth, so the sweet white wine will actually stroking tongue.

White wine glasses have so many variations because it depends on the taste of wine served, whether the crispness, or how young or old the wine is, even the power of white wine will affect the types of glass that is appropriate for presentation.

3. Sparkling wine glasses

types of sparkling wine glasses
sparkling wine glass

The glass is similar with white wine glass; the glass just has the distinction of the glass body. The shape of sparkling wine glass is little bit longer.

This form will assist at the time the wine is poured by holding the carbonation in the wine is maintained as much as possible.

A long stems will reduce contact with human temperature, because sparkling wine like champagne is very sensitive with temperature changes

4. The dessert wine glasses

types of dessert wine glasses
dessert wine glass

Also known as aperitif glasses (Liquor Triggers your appetite), which is used to present a good port wine, sherry, liqueurs and various types of aperitif.

The standard size of this wine is 120 ml, in order to establish a small enough body, so that the wine is sent to the back of the oral cavity, and the sweetness of the dessert wine will not turn off the flavors in the mouth.

These typical types of wine usually have high levels of alcohol, so that the small glasses would be perfect for serving the dessert wine.

In addition to the glasses above which are distinguished according to the type of wine, the wine glasses are also distinguished base on existing design.

a. Crystal wine glasses

The crystal wine glasses are the glasses that have been used since many years and most plentiful in the market. Some form of this crystal wine glasses have stems and also do not even have a stem at all. Crystal wine glasses are the most common glass used for drinking wine.

b. The decorate wine glasses

Wine glasses engraved with very carefully can be made in accordance with customer’s desire. The carving in the body of the glass will give you its own taste for wine connoisseur.

c. Wine glasses without stems

These types of glasses do not have the stems at all, these glasses have a more rounded shape and so much look likes shaker drinks. In general, these glasses have a flat bottom and slightly thicker than the usual wine glasses.

d. Ice wine glasses

The glass is made with the help of mold. Ice wine glasses can be used to present the types of white wine or dessert wine as well, because these two types of this wine are better served cold under cold conditions so that the its distinctive flavor is not lost.

For connoisseurs and lovers of wine, types of wine glasses is very important to maintain the shape and flavor of wine. So if you want to present a qualified wine, just prepare some special glasses, and enjoy a classy wine that will make you get a classic and luxurious taste.

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