Easy Wine And Food Pairing For The Best Dinner Party

wine and food pairing
wine and food pairing

If you’re looking to hold a dinner party, whether for your friends, family or coworkers, and you plan on having wine with dinner, you should pay attention to wine and food pairing. Certain wines are excellent with certain foods. This is most often seen in fine restaurants where menus will have wine recommendations next to certain food items.

To get a list of food and wine pairing options, search online or call one of those restaurants where they should be more than willing to help you out. So if you want your dinner party to go on without a hitch and you want it to be unforgettable then choose your wines and foods according to wine and food pairing and plan everything down to the minor detail. That should have people talking about your party for a long time to come.

Food and wine pairing rules is very important because some wines are sweet, while others are bitter, and these tastes go best with certain foods. Nearly all wine goes great with cheese, for instance, which is why you usually see wine and cheese sold in the same locations in stores.

Nevertheless, some wines don’t go very well with certain foods. You can sample them to see which ones go with certain foods, which is very fun, or you can find a list that teaches you proper wine and food pairing examples.

Red wine is excellent with foods that include pasta and red sauce, such as Italian food. Red wine also goes great with beef and chocolate. Likewise, some red wines, such as Pinot noir, go great with pork.

Considering there are a few types of red wine, you should do a little more research to determine if the food you plan on serving goes with the red wine food pairing.

As far as white wine food pairing goes, white wine is the best choice for poultry and Asian food. White wine also goes great with seafood, such as shellfish. It can also go great with most appetizers.

Sparkling wines is an excellent choice with desserts and fruit so they are perfect for after dinner. And just like white wine, they also look great with certain appetizers.

Of course, this is just a sampled list of food and wine pairing menu. You should do a search based on what you plan on having for dinner party. If you’re not certain of the food and wine pairing menu, ask a chef or inquire at your favorite restaurant.

Pairing your wine and food perfectly will make for the ultimate dinner party and it will most definitely leave everyone who attends satisfied and happy.

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